Mirco-Luxe; micro pad, massive luxe. You can take everything home after your stay, even loom towels!

"Micro-Luxe is cozy and charming, you find yourself wrapped in a soft atmosphere outside of time, where every corner is a discovery and each object a story of it's own."

A chic urban retreat in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne. Available for bookings via AirBnb.

All items are there for the experience and most are available to purchase after your stay. From the bed linen, wine and furniture pieces to Loom Towels bath towels. 

Brands include: 
Bang & Olufsen, Didier, Loom Towels, HUB, Robinson Man, Ben Tovim, Made Measure, microCloud, Mr Smith, Studio Twocan, Ergoflex and Marion Wine.

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